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Clarion Training - Course #1 - Inside the Clarion 6 IDE


This course provide developers with the knowledge and techniques needed to understand how to work in the the Clarion code generation environment.
You'll quickly know where to start developing a new application, and you'll learn each of the steps needed to take advantage of best development practices as you are follow a tour of each of the tools in the Clarion IDE.

Price: $199.00 ( $218.90 Inc. GST)
142.29 USD

Clarion Training - Course #2 - Advanced Clarion 6 IDE Development Techniques


Understand and learn how to specify the advanced options in the Data Dictionary. The Dictionary options you choose are reflected in the behavior of your application. You'll learn about client-side triggers, validity checks, 3rd normal relations, and more. Template properties are the instrument panel that control the generated code, and this course explains all of the available templates, and dives into a detailed look at EIP, advanced Browse techniques, label based reports, utilizing the Process template, and more. You'll understand how to perform data conversions, properly design your application into multiple DLL's, adjust and apply UI themes, and you'll get an in-depth walk-through the Clarion debugger.
Price: $299.00 ( $328.90 Inc. GST)
213.79 USD

Clarion Training - Course #3 - Expert Programing in Clarion 6


This course covers the Clarion language end-to-end: from Program layout to Windows, Files and Views; and Queues to Reports, OOP and Database maintenance processes. Course III digs into the development techniques required to write your own custom Procedures, Routines or Programs. Whether you are writing code into an Embed point, or creating a specialized Procedure for your application the information in this course will guide you in building solid applications.
Price: $259.00 ( $284.90 Inc. GST)
185.19 USD

Clarion Training - Course #4 - Master's Language Series


OOP, Pre-emptive Thread handling, RTF, XML, ADO, COM and Business Graphing, its all covered in this course. The course includes 9 modules of training, step-by-step hands-on-labs and printable topic content. Detailed example applications, projects, and templates as well as thorough code walk-throughs will teach you how to add new functionality to your applications!
Price: $299.00 ( $328.90 Inc. GST)
213.79 USD

Clarion Training - Course #5 - Template Language Series


Course 5 of the CTOD series takes a whole new approach to teaching “Template Writing.” We have created a training course that presents the template language in such a way that any user who wants to write a template can achieve their goal.
Price: $470.00 ( $517.00 Inc. GST)
336.05 USD

Clarion Training - Course #7 - SQL Programming Series


This training course has detailed coverage for MS SQL, SQL Anywhere, Oracle, Firebird, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Pervasive SQL, and using ODBC to connect to any backend.
Price: $299.00 ( $328.90 Inc. GST)
213.79 USD

Clarion Training - Course #8 - Programming with the In-Memory Driver


Learn how to get the most performance from your applications using the In-Memory Driver Templates and the new Classes available in version 2.0. Learn to specify advanced options for loading and saving In-Memory data, work with BLOBs, SQL and more. You'll learn to squeeze every drop of performance from this powerful tool.
Price: $99.00 ( $108.90 Inc. GST)
70.79 USD

Clarion Training - Course 1 & 2 Bundle
Clarion Training - Course 1 & 2 Bundle
Price: $475.00 ( $522.50 Inc. GST)
339.63 USD

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